A little display of progress…

My ‘on this day memory’ came up today, and got me thinking a little bit, mainly about school.

The first picture is from an assessment that was done on me in 2011, and part of it mentioned a presentation I done to a class I was in. This class contained no more than 10 people from memory, and there was so much preparation that went into even making me agree to do it, because I flatly refused to do any sort of speaking in front of anyone at all. In particular, they mentioned how the fact that I was able to do this for 8 minutes, 8 little minutes, was a huge, huge step for me.

The second picture is a status I wrote this time last year, after I returned to my school and (voluntarily) spoke in front of the entire school assembly, around 800 people in total.

I don’t think anyone, least of all myself, thought that when I did that first little 8 minute presentation, that it would lead me to things like what I did last year. And in a sense, I guess it was a nice little quirk that I gave my first ever “big” speech in the very same place I did my first ever presentation in front of a group of people.