I’m Autistic. Please don’t Light It Up Blue

Sunday 2nd April is World Autism Day. One of the main campaigns that has taken place on this day has been Light It Up Blue, a campaign I previously supported in the past. From this year on, I’ll never support it again. Here’s why.
Light It Up Blue is a campaign designed and promoted by Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks is an American Organisation, that believes that Autism is an “epidemic” and advocate the “curing” of Autistic People.
They believe that Autistic People are in some way broken, or damaged, or in need of repair, that Auism is a terrible affliction that needs eradicating. This isn’t the case, this has never been the case.
I supported this campaign in the past, unaware of what it really represented. So i’m not going to criticise people for supporting it in the past, but I will ask anyone who does support it currently, to read this, and do some research on Autism Speaks and what they stand for, and I hope you reconsider your support for their campaign.
If you want to do something for World Autism Day, the best thing you can do is talk to Autistic People. Ask them about their experiences, what they feel about things, how you can help us cope with the world around us. We are the best people to talk about Autism, as we are the true experts, we understand it on a level no one else can.
That’s what Autistic People want. We want to be heard. We don’t want people to speak on behalf of us. We want to speak for ourselves, and we want people to listen. So I ask you, if you are reading this, to listen to Autistic People.
Please don’t Light It Up Blue.