I just want to write a short thank you to all the messages I have received from across the globe supporting the action I took last week. I have tried to reply to as many of them as I can, but If I haven’t yet replied I’m trying my best to get around everyone’s messages, Tweets, Text Messages, Facebook Posts and Blog Comments!
In terms of what I will do next, I have a number of options available to me, and I will take my time to evaluate which one is best for me and the work that I do. I will always argue for the rights of Autistic People to be included and to be a part of the discussion and processes when decisions are being made about the way we live our lives. We deserve a seat at that table, you cannot make decisions about us, without us.
An especially big thank you also goes to my fellow Autistic Advocates from across the globe who have reached out to me and supported my stance and shared my statement. Our strength as a group is in our combined ability to stand up for what is right, and to stand against those who seek to silence us for their own ends.


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