Autistic UK

I’m delighted to be able to announce that last Sunday I was co-opted onto the Autistic UK Committee. For those of you who haven’t heard of Autistic UK, they are an organisation who campaign for the rights of Autistic Individuals in the UK.

The role of Autistic UK isn’t to represent the views of the entire Autistic community, it is to facilitate the Autistic Community to be able to speak for ourselves. We do this by campaigning to ensure Autistic individuals are given the right, and more importantly, the opportunity, to articulate our thoughts, feelings and views. For years Autistic individuals have been denied the chance to have a say in decisions that fundamentally affect our lives, and this is something Autistic UK is determined to change.

This is a huge honour for me to be able to work with a group with the prestige of Autistic UK. For years I have done a lot of my work with no help available, and to be able to become part of a team with people who share the same views and aims as myself is a big boost to my work, and I hope to be able to bring my own particular expertise, experience and energy to help Autistic UK in order to achieve our aim of allowing Autistic individuals to be able to fully make our voices heard in all areas of life, and ensuring that the Autistic Community is able to have a voice when it matters.

I’d like to say special thanks to Kat Humble, who helped set the wheels in motion for this, and also to the other members of the Autistic UK Committee, who have warmly welcomed me and made me feel like I’ve been here for years!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a busy summer of work ahead for me, and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some positive news of the work I’ll be doing soon!

if you want to find out more about Autistic UK, click on this link;

Thanks again for all your continued support,