Author: Ryan Hendry

A Bad Day

Edit; I’m only posting this now. I originally wrote this on Monday Night, but I didn’t have the energy to post it at the time. Being Autistic isn’t always good vibes and sunshine. There’s days it’s really difficult. Today was one of them. I am currently on a 5 day training course, as part of

2017; A Fresh Start for me.

(This originally began as a thread of Tweets on Twitter, but I’ve decided to turn it into a blog post. It has been edited slightly in order to make it easier to read, but the link to the original thread is )   2017 has been a rather interesting year for me, for various

Autism NI; what’s the deal?

So, once again, Autism NI are in the headlines again, and not for a good reason. And, unsurprisingly, it is YET ANOTHER dispute over money. This is the latest in a long, long line of gaffes by this charity that purports to represent and advocate for “the Autism Community in Northern Ireland”. I’m going to

Autistic UK Statement regarding the Daily Mail article, “Are autistic people at risk of being radicalised?” (23 June 2017)

Autistic UK would like to make a statement about some of the comments made in the Daily Mail article, “Are autistic people at risk of being radicalised?” (23 June 2017)   Autistic UK is deeply concerned that the Daily Mail’s headline has had the effect of drawing a connection between Autism and terrorist actions. We

An open letter to Pauline Hanson

Hi Pauline. I’m sure you have never heard of me, nor are you likely to ever meet me.   I’m one of “these kids” you talked about, who is Autistic and attended a mainstream school. From your comments in recent days, it is pretty clear your belief is that I, along with many others, do

Toxic Twitter.

In a previous blog post I alluded to the dangers of Twitter, particularly, the ‘Twitter Trolls’ and their propensity to fire sustained, targeted abuse at their victims. Now, I’ve always considered myself a fairly thick-skinned person, and usually I’m able to laugh off most things the trolls throw at me, but for the past 6

Autistic UK

I’m delighted to be able to announce that last Sunday I was co-opted onto the Autistic UK Committee. For those of you who haven’t heard of Autistic UK, they are an organisation who campaign for the rights of Autistic Individuals in the UK. The role of Autistic UK isn’t to represent the views of the

“But you are too High-Functioning….”

This is a line I hear very often. There’s a few different variations, but the most common one is “you are too high-functioning to understand”. And I’ll tell you straight away, this is one of the most irritating, belittling and quite frankly insulting lines you could ever say to an Autistic individual. And here’s why;