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#MCA2017 , my first Autism Conference, Middletown

So, this week I was able to attend my first Autism Conference, the Middletown Centre For Autism International Conference, ‘Building Capacity’. And what an experience it was.   The two day conference was held in the Spectacular setting of Titanic Belfast, and while the building’s design meant it isn’t the easiest place to navigate (having escalators


I just want to write a short thank you to all the messages I have received from across the globe supporting the action I took last week. I have tried to reply to as many of them as I can, but If I haven’t yet replied I’m trying my best to get around everyone’s messages,

Offering more insight….

As the title says, I want to add more insight to this blog.  I want to expand this blog to include the experiences and views of other Autistic people, who want to talk about their thoughts, feelings and views on a wide variety of topics. So, for anyone who wishes to get involved, this is

Autism 16+ options event

On Saturday, I was able to attend the Autism 16+ options event at Belfast Royal Academy, an event for Autistic people, and their families/carers, to provide them with information, support and advice as they approach adulthood, and the next steps into the world of work.  The main event was an outstanding speech by Adam Harris,

Broken Promises report; What happened to it?

In June 2016, the National Autistic Society and Autism NI Jointly published the Broken Promises report (the report can be found here : ) Before I get into the report, I’d like to flag this up. The Autism Act was passed in 2011 in Northern Ireland. This Act has done next to nothing in

AE17; Politicians and Autism

Okay, so we all have an election coming up, in just a few weeks. I’m sure everyone has received the letters through the door, from all manner of candidates, asking you to vote for them, some of you may even have had them at your door. Our local politicians want our votes.   I thought